We’ve got level 3, and our third time-lapse instalment!

Summer is a time for relaxation, but we've not slowed down for a second here at W1! Watch our huge progress as the development shoots from the ground, with the third level already complete! http://youtu.be/ZMwia_CEfAE

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Onto Level 3…

Summer rolls on, and things are really heating up on site! As you walk along Europort Road there is no way you could miss this exciting project, with West One now well and truly out of the ground, and builders currently preparing level 3 to receive concrete early next week. Moreover, interior design is in its final [...]

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We’ve Got Walls!

Exciting developments here as W1 as we see the walls finally come into play. The ground floor slab has now been complete on the East and West sides, as have the structural walls on the ground to first floors. We're all in anticipation for the first floor slab, which should be imminent any day now! The interior [...]

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Foundations Finished!

We at WestOne are proud to announce an enormous milestone in our development process - we have now completed the foundations! This is a huge step in construction, meaning W1 is now set to progress very quickly out of the ground - we are hoping to achieve our next milestone, that the structure is complete [...]

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WestOne Timelapse – The Second Instalment!

Watch as WestOne grows and develops with the second instalment of from our time-lapse camera featuring footage from the month of May and the start of June! Getting closer everyday! https://youtu.be/7KkNih7924o

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Columns are Coming In!

Piling is now finished, and our contractor is nearing completion of the next stage, the welding and concreting of the pile caps. We anticipate this work to be complete next week. The next stage will be to pour concrete for the ground floor slab and to start the vertical columns for the first floor - keep an [...]

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Now You Can Watch W1 Progress With Us!

We at W1 have set up a handy time-lapse camera, and as WestOne grows and develops, you will be able to watch the progress with us! Exciting stuff! Watch the first instalment of construction videos now, running  from March to May, where you can see how all the piling took place - and it only gets better [...]

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Onto the Next Stage – Foundations!

Now piling is complete our contractor’s efforts are to prepare the foundations! This involves welding the steel cages to the top of the piles and then encasing them in concrete. This work is scheduled to be complete before the end of May and the ground floor slab will be following on behind this work. We anticipate [...]

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Piling Complete in Record Time

We at Westone are very pleased to be able to report that our contractor, Casais together with their subcontractor, Bullivant, have now completed the piling operations. The contract programme gave 10 May 2016 for completion so we are ahead of schedule by about 2.5 weeks!  Congratulations to the team for such impressive progress - and stay [...]

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Piling Is Almost Complete – W1 Soon to Rise out the Ground!

Since our last update our contractors have made great progress - 300 out of 340 piles are now in place and the pile caps and associated foundations are advancing according to programme. The tie in to the fresh and salt water supply is complete and approved by the utility provider, and the design definition is almost [...]

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