Columns are Coming In!

Piling is now finished, and our contractor is nearing completion of the next stage, the welding and concreting of the pile caps. We anticipate this work to be complete next week. The next stage will be to pour concrete for the ground floor slab and to start the vertical columns for the first floor - keep an [...]

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Now You Can Watch W1 Progress With Us!

We at W1 have set up a handy time-lapse camera, and as WestOne grows and develops, you will be able to watch the progress with us! Exciting stuff! Watch the first instalment of construction videos now, running  from March to May, where you can see how all the piling took place - and it only gets better [...]

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Onto the Next Stage – Foundations!

Now piling is complete our contractor’s efforts are to prepare the foundations! This involves welding the steel cages to the top of the piles and then encasing them in concrete. This work is scheduled to be complete before the end of May and the ground floor slab will be following on behind this work. We anticipate [...]

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